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ClinCloud is home to two state-of-the art, clinical trials research facilities; located in the Orlando, Florida metropolitan area and the greater Melbourne, Florida coastal area, reaching a diverse population of 2.77 million. Located adjacent to imaging facilities means convenient patient access to imaging services as well as a strong, safe, medical community location.

Our clinical trial partners appreciate the easy access location as well and have found that we are able to fill trials on schedule with a high retention portion of volunteers. Our commitment to community based research options and participant care are impeccable.

Why Choose ClinCloud?

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The core of our process is to create relationships within our community, optimize advances in medicine and biotechnology, reflect on current processes to identify areas for improvement, and educate participants and providers alike on the resources available through clinical research.

Our process is not possible without people. While our mission guides us, people drive the change we hope to see in human health.

Experienced and certified clinical research coordinators provide personalized care for all patients

Active local media presence with local and national media outlets

Telemedicine success for pre-screening and recruitment

Access to state of the art imaging and scanning tools

Strong recruitment and marketing success via digital and traditional marketing campaigns

Strong community outreach and accessible resources

Phases II, III or IV of development readily available

Strong database access

Rapid startup available


Our ClinCloud Team Members

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We've opened the doors to our team office,
and invite you to meet the amazing people at ClinCloud!

Chief Executive Officer
Director of Clinical Operations, South East
Principal Investigator
Geraldine Marino

Geraldine Marino

Clinical Project Manager
Principal Investigator / Geriatrician
Mike Martinez headshot 2

Mike Martinez

Sub-Investigator / Nurse Practitioner
Principal Investigator / Cognitive Neurologist
Start-Up Team
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Led by Landon Estes

  • Dedicated Contract & Budget Specialist
  • Dedicated Regulatory Specialist
  • Regulatory & Budget submitted in parallel
  • NO local IRB--Uses Sponsor's Central IRB

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Clinical Team
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Led by Dr. Esteban Olivera, MD

  • 5 Investigators
  • 7 Study Coordinators
  • 2 Pharmacists
  • 1 Research Assistant

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Psychometric Rater Team
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Led by Michael Martinez, LMHC

  • 4 Psychometric Raters
  • Clinical & Cognitive Rater Experience

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Recruitment & Marketing Team
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Led by Jessica Branning

  • 3 Community Liaisons
  • 3 Provider Liaisons
  • 3 Provider Liaisons
  • 3 Recruiters

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Our Facilities & Accomodations

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Each of our locations are adjacent to an imaging facility allowing convenient patient access to imaging services as well as a strong, safe, medical community location. Both facilities are within a 2 miles radius of each location. Each facility has the following accommodations:

Multiple Exam Rooms

CLIA-Waved Laboratory

IATA Trained Staff

Backup power generator

Temperature-controlled, double-locked investigational drug storage

Temperature alert system monitored 24/7/365 with alerts

Fax and copy machines available at any time to monitors

On-site Records Storage, with long-term off-site records storage

Fibroscan Ultrasound

Infusion Room

EKG/ECG - Electrocardiogram

Dry Ice on site

-20°, -80° Freezers; As well as refrigerator drug storage

24-hour emergency phone number

Monitor suite available, with an extra monitor

Daily FedEx and UPS pickup

Free high-speed internet for patients, monitors, and guests - wired or wireless

Patient waiting area with HDTV, refreshments, and fresh coffee

FREE mental health counseling and support groups


Our Unique Trial Matching Process

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ClinCloud fosters a unique relationship amongst our physician and community partners network that allows for them to provide clinical research as a care option to their patients.

This presents an opportunity for busy practices and community centers to provide individuals with access to new diagnostic and treatment options that are not readily available through standard of care. We couple our recruitment efforts with social media and educational seminars.

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Trial Matching Process


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