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Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc

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Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc. is a community-based, not for profit agency formed in 1995 to educate high-risk, culturally diverse populations about nutrition strategies to prevent diet-related diseases.

Hebni’s mission is to provide culturally appropriate nutrition education and intervention strategies to prevent diet-related diseases. To further enhance our work, Hebni has incorporated the acronym H.E.B.N.I. (Health Education through Behavioral and Nutritional Initiatives) to show the organization’s reach and capabilities.

Hebni is committed to reducing health disparities among high-risk minority populations by providing compressive nutrition related strategies to decrease, manage and delay chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, and hypertension.


Helping The Community One Family At A Time

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Nutrition Resource Center

The NRC is equipped with four state-of-the-art commercial test kitchens, classroom space, conference rooms, and a nutrition resource library.

The NRC was designed to provide actual hands-on learning strategies that can assist in changing health behaviors.


Fresh Stop Bus

In Central Florida more than 90,000 of our neighbors live in food deserts, areas without easy access to fresh, nutritional foods. Limited food choices often result in poor nutrition as families rely on fast food or processed foods sold by neighborhood convenience stores.

The Fresh Stop mobile market is a re-purposed Lynx bus outfitted with special refrigerated racks for fresh vegetables and fruits. Every two weeks, the Fresh Stop will visit 16 different food desert neighborhoods in Central Florida.


Healthy Soles

In 2016, Hebni implemented the Healthy Soles Fitness program for Seniors. Healthy Soles provides exercises classes two days per week and a walking club once a week for 12 weeks.

Hebni monitors pre and post BMI, strength, flexibility, and walking times. Approximately 50 seniors participate in this program annually. Results from the program include: improved flexibility, improved timed mile, and improved strength.

Sharing Is Caring

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Hebni has provided nutrition education programs to low-income, underserved populations in Central Florida, reaching more than 2,000 African-American adults and youth each year through its diverse programs and educational tools.

  • (407) 872-1333

  • info@hebninutrition.org

  • 2009 W. Central Blvd.
    Orlando, FL 32805

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