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Welcome to ClinCloud, where patients and providers alike come to discover the world of clinical research and our services. At the heart of our transformative journey lies a steadfast mission. It leads us to foster crucial connections within our community, harness cutting-edge developments in medicine and biotechnology, refine existing practices for ongoing enhancement, and enlighten both participants and providers about the abundant resources within clinical research.

As we navigate our mission's path, it becomes a beacon guiding individuals to become the catalysts for the change we envision in human health.

Empower your well-being and that of others. Join us in this impactful movement!


Our Services Are Changing Lives
& Benefiting Communities

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Clinical Trial Opportunities

Our research studies or clinical trials range from Memory Loss to Liver Disease to Depression and more! We're to offer innovative treatments within the general medicine and neurological spaces.

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Counseling Services

When you're here, you're family. After enrolling in one of our trials, you're eligible for counseling at no cost to you or your caregiver. Our Licensed Mental Health Counselors are ready to listen!

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Health Consultations

Whether you're having memory concerns or just want a general medical work up, ClinCloud is here to provide you with the educational resources to help you on your health journey.

Active Clinical Trials

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Be a team player, in your community, by getting involved in a research study. Not only are you benefiting yourself,
but you're making a positive impact to all! We're all in this together!

Why Choose ClinCloud?

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ClinCloud, a Prolerity Clinical Research Company, is a private clinical research site established in 2017. ClinCloud was founded with the mission bring communities together to inspire medical discoveries for tomorrow's future through education and technological advances.

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    Patients In Database

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    Research Studies

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Phases of Clinical Study?

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Phase I

To assess the initial safety of an investigational drug in a small number of participants (usually 6-10).


Phase II

To evaluate safety further by testing it on a larger group of participation (usually 20-300).


Phase III

To assess safety and efficacy on larger number of participants; tested against any existing treatments (300 - 3,000).


Phase IV

To collect information about safety and efficacy in a "real-world" setting following a drug's approval for use.


What People Are Saying About Us Online

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Steve Simon

Everyone was very professional and kind to me. The liver scan was fast and painless. Although I did not qualify for the study I’m relieved that my liver is not bad enough for any medications or surgery. I will just have to take care of myself and get tested every year. I would highly recommend this place.

Barbara Carozza

My RN Vicky was kind and compassionate. I enjoyed my visit I had the memory test and liver scan done. The facility is very clean and it is easy to find.

Nancy Forbes

I was concerned as I'm getting older that my memory might be a problem. Clincloud gave me a memory test which I did well in. I appreciate the peace of mind that they gave me. Also I took the liver test and there's good to know that my liver is healthy also. Getting old is not for wimps.

Allen Jones

I received excellent service and outstanding care from RN who did liver scan. She took time and showed patience with all questions.


ClinCloud In Your Area

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We have two convenient locations in Maitland (Orlando area) and Viera (Melbourne area).
Learn more information on how we can help, at an office nearest you.